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ALPHA HEADHUNTER in contrast to traditional recruiters works exclusively through direct search. We thereby strengthen our customers‘ market position and help our clients to increase their staff and avoid wrong decisions.


ALPHA HEADHUNTER has numerous specialised as well as experienced recruiters from different branches and fields at its disposal. Our recruiters talk to highly qualified experts and executives firsthand and in person.


Thus ALPHA HEADHUNTER is specialised in finding worldwide exactly the experts and executives which you are looking for; without expensive advertisements. We do not wait for applications but can through our direct search introduce the right candidate preference to you, as a rule within the shortest time.


Our success is due amongst other things, to our not filling positions but bringing partners together.


For this reason, the hard requirement criteria according to the job specification do not alone count towards our evaluations. The soft factors likewise play a big role for us. The candidate has to be a match in relation to social competence, general behaviour and managerial behaviour for the given functions and fit in the team with his/her personal manner.


Hence the company loyalty of candidates placed by us is above average. The fact that our candidates work as a rule much more than five years in the same company speaks for this.