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Beware of CV Dealers

Beware of CV Dealers

At Alpha Headhunter International, we have unfortunately also seen an increasing number of black sheep in our sector. So-called recruiters or even headhunters no longer present people with their qualifications, skills and talents, but instead are only interested from a purely financial perspective in turning a quick profit with no regard for losses.


For these purposes, they collect as many CVs as they can and try to sell them or pass them off to the company that is paying them, often even neglecting to anonymise them. This mostly happens in mass emails to the HR departments of a specialised sector. These kinds of emails are often sent to dozens, or even hundreds of contacts with the hope of snagging a commission. This often happens without even the knowledge or consent of the candidate in question.


This approach does not focus on quality, but rather on quantity. No effort is made to match the candidate to the open position. Many companies also have so-called recruitment managers who help them process the incoming applications. It soon becomes clear that this or that applicant has already been offered up by so-called recruiters more than once. Then it appears that the candidate has applied to multiple jobs or is a job-hopper who should best be avoided. Before you know it, this applicant is on the company’s black list. This will be reason enough to reject any application made by the candidate himself at a later date.


The company may also be reluctant to support these kinds of approaches. A consultant who acquires a reputation as a ‘CV dealer’ is often rejected by companies right off the bat, even if he can offer a perfectly suitable profile.


A headhunter is only able to make an accurate assessment of a candidate if he is truly interested in him at a personal level. In doing so, he must see to it that the candidate’s overall personality is as compatible as possible with that of his future superiors and colleagues. If the applicant ends up being hired for the position, it will mainly be because the mutual ‘chemistry’ is right. A CV dealer will never act as a mentor or personal consultant for a candidate or client.


Before you send your job application to a recruiter or even a real headhunter, you should carefully consider the following points:


  • Ask whether the consultant has been requested by the employer to conduct this search.
  • Ask for as many details as possible about the hiring company. A CV dealer will usually not be able to provide much. On the other hand, a traditional consultant will give you a detailed description of the company and the available position, often in the form of a dossier, if you are up for serious consideration.
  • Check whether the contract is exclusive, in which case the position can only be advertised under this consultant’s name.
  • Be wary if there is neither a search request nor an exclusive contract.
  • Ask what happens with the information in your application and to whom it gets sent out..


Also, make sure that:


  • Your data and documents are only sent to potential employers with your consent and in compliance with non-discloser agreements so that your application is not sent to the wrong company.
  • You are informed about the entire process, from the sending of the application to the employer’s reaction.


Last but not least: Every good recruiter or even a real headhunter is always interested in good candidates, even when no position has been currently advertised. He will also support you as an applicant in putting your documents together and determining how you present yourself. The consultant will coach him, support him, develop and prepare him for the interview with the company. As such, the recruiter is not only a door opener for the candidate, but also a mentor, to the benefit of both the candidate and the client. A good candidate shouldn’t have to pay his mentor for this. The same goes for any good headhunter – and for Alpha Headhunter International.


Christoph Paus, Managing Partner of Alpha Headhunter International GmbH