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Unlike traditional recruiters, ALPHA HEADHUNTER works exclusively through direct contact, thus strengthening the market position of our clients and helping them reinforce their staff and avoid poor decisions.


To achieve this, ALPHA HEADHUNTER has access to a large pool of specialised and experienced recruiters from a wide range of sectors. Our recruiters have direct, personal contact with highly qualified professional and management experts.


ALPHA HEADHUNTER therefore specialises in finding the professional and management experts you are looking for anywhere in the world without placing expensive job ads. We don’t wait for applications. Instead, we can usually present our clients with suitable candidates within very short time frames.


We don’t recruit – we bring partners together, which is one of the reasons why we are successful.


For this reason, our evaluations are based on more than just the strict requirements given in the qualification profile. Soft factors also play an important role. The candidate must be suitable for the proposed responsibilities in terms of social skills, overall behaviour and leadership skills, and also be a good fit for the team in terms of personality and character.


This is why the company loyalty of the candidates we have recruited is higher than average. This is further demonstrated by the fact that our candidates have usually been working at the same company for much longer than five years.