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Direct Contact

ALPHA HEADHUNTER works exclusively through direct contact. We don’t wait for applications. Instead, we can usually present our clients with suitable candidates within very short time frames.


We are able to get in touch with the professionals and management experts you are looking for on the market without placing expensive job ads. This is achieved by the many specialised recruiters within our company.


Our approach:

First, we determine which positions are vacant at your company. The detailed requirements are kept in the search request. After signing, we conduct a preparatory interview with your company’s immediate superior of the future employee.


After this, we create an individual and extensive qualification profile together with you for each position. This will be used as a basis for directly contacting professionals and executives. This allows us to consider all the key factors at an early stage when pre-selecting suitable candidates.


Based on this, our specialised ALPHA HEADHUNTER recruiters begin their task. People all over the world who meet the criteria in the qualification profile are contacted directly. In our experience, these are often professionals who would normally not respond directly to an advertised position, often for confidentiality reasons.


During the first personal interview with the most qualified candidates, we ensure that they meet all of the requirements. The candidate must also be suitable for the given tasks in terms of social skills, management behaviour and appearance, and also be a good fit for the team in terms of personality and character.


Our approach at ALPHA HEADHUNTER is also one of the reasons why the candidates recruited through our services demonstrate above-average company loyalty.


Our successes are can be attributed, among other things, to the fact that we do not place jobs, but instead bring partners together.